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    The Heber/Overgaard Chamber of Commerce welcomes and will include on the website, articles of local information and interest submitted in accordance with generally accepted rules of journalism. The writer must identify themselves at the end of the article and the name of the writer will be included with the article on the website.

   Articles submitted under titles like "Concerned Citizens" will not be accepted. Should you believe that you have newsworthy information but cannot write an article, notify the Chamber and we will look into the matter and possibly have a Chamber volunteer compose an article that qualifies.

   This forum is used to supply local news and interesting articles that keep readers informed about pertinent events or interesting news. Articles with gossip or politics and the like will not be considered.

   Any article submitted gives the Heber/Overgaard Chamber of Commerce automatic permission to use it on the Chamber website. The Chamber reserves the right to accept or reject any article submitted and will also determine how long the article will appear on the website.

   Articles can be e-mailed to or can be mailed to Heber/Overgaard Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 1926, Overgaard, AZ 85933. Please include your contact information with any submissions in case questions arise or changes are needed.


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